What you need to know when you rent a Paddleboard?

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Paddleboard not only provide a chance to have some but also it is a great workout session for your body. However, the real problem arises when you cannot either afford a paddle board * or you visit the beach so less that buying one is not an option for you.

So the next best option is the paddle board rentals*. You have many choice… Google it, or you can find some nice place on website like TripAdvisor. Thus, before renting a SUP make sure you know the following things.

Types of paddle boards 

The first thing that you need to consider while paddle board rental* is that the type of board that you must have. So the best you can do is to not ask for what board you should have instead you should ask for the types of board. So they will let you know about the types of boards that are available. Some of the common types are:

  • Surf SUP
  • All around paddle board *
  • Race SUP
  • Touring paddle board *

It will be a great help for you during the process of paddle board rentals*.

Size of paddle boards

The question of the size of paddle board* depends on your experience of boarding. You must consider the size of the board as the volume. Keep in mind that the boards that are more wide, thick and long have more volume. The best part about it is that boards with more volumes will be easily stabilized and thus, you can easy use them if you are new to paddle boarding.

It will help you to support your weight on the water. When you have developed the proper skill, then it will be the best option to have the paddle board rentals* for lesser volume because then you can stabilize any size of the board.

Pricing (depending on the location) :

Check the price, and additional fee for equipment (Jacket,etc.)

1 hour : Around $15/25 CAD

1 day : Around $45/65 CAD

Epoxy or inflatable SUPs

You must know the different between these two types when you are considering going for the paddle board rental*.

  • The main difference is in the construction of the boards as well as they have their own specific advantages
  • If you are new to this activity inflatable board will be a better option
  • The epoxy boards are large and will require a bigger vehicle to carry them on the other hand inflatable can be reduced to the size of sleeping bag and can be folded
  • Epoxy boards are more reliable than the inflatable during the paddle board rentals

Apart from all these tips that another fact that you need to consider is the price of the paddle board rental*. Make sure that you pay the price that is affordable for the 24 hours services.

So now using these tips have the best paddle board rental* for your trip. Make your trip the most memorable by taking the best shots and show them to your friends. Do not forget to share your experience and knowledge with others so they can know this tips during the procedure of paddle board rentals in the best way.

*FAQ: Paddle board vs Paddleboard

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