Welcome to our iRocker paddleboard review.

Whether you are a skilled boarder or a beginner to the art of paddle boarding, one thing you have to be sure is that your paddle board brand is one of a kind. In order to make sure  you get the right lift in the waves and the perfect stability on the water, it is essential that you select the best available board. Here is the review of one of the most popular paddle board on the market: the 10 feet inflatable SUP from iRocker.


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Some of the amazing advantages that you will come across in this paddle board are:


iRocker decided to use a military-grade drop stitch PVC construction: basically, it means that passing on rocks or reefs won’t damage your SUP. Also, the stiffness of the paddle is close to be the same as the rigid paddle, which is cool


The best thing about this SUP is that the design is very stylish: no need of hiding the unattractive design of your board, the retro design will definitly bring eyes on you. Also, the inflatibility of the paddle was well-thought, as it takes more or less 5 minutes to inflate and deflate the SUP: that’s less than most of the other brands, and a appreciate gain of time.


Unlike many other brands, iRocker decided to include all the accessories in the price of the 10′ SUP. While it’s a pretty basic package (hand pump, a repair kit and the paddle), the effort is remarkable and is enough to satisfy a good paddle boarder.



One of the drawbacks that you would have to face with the iRocker SUP brand is that the bag of the board is not very ideal. In order to open it the first time, you might have to spend some extra time to make sure that it is safely opened and nothing is damaged. Also, the pockets are not very big to make sure that fin will adjust in it so you have to deal with it on your own as well.


The fact that the iRocker is 30″ wide doesn’t help to maintain his balance, it could be easy to lose the nose or the back of the SUP if you don’t have the right position, mostly on waves.



Some of the = features that you will come across in the stand up paddle board reviews are:

  • It is perfectly rigid and can easily withstand a weight up to 385 lbs
  • It has been manufactured with the military grade material and thus have long lasting durability
  • Perfectly portable:  you can take it anywhere in the world without any worry
  • One you order the board, you will receive the complete package which means that everything will be included and doesn’t ask other purchases.
  • iRocker stand up paddle board come with 2 years of warranty

Final words for iRocker Paddleboard reviews

iRocker is a new company in the sector of inflatable SUP, but it already gain a solid reputation, and we understant why! If you are hungry for some fun, the iRocker 10′ is perfect for you: indeed, you will be able to take it everywhere while you travel without any worry, as the transportation was ingeniously thought, as well as the quality: it is probably a big purchase but it will last for long. The best thing is that once you will get your board out, all eyes will be turned on you.

Also, make sure that you get it from a trustworthy retailer. Make sure that you pay for the services that you will get. You can find more reviews and the best price available on Amazon. Click below to see the iRocker Paddle Boards 10′ (6″ Thick) Inflatable SUP Package on Amazon.

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