Welcome to our paddle board reviews * page. Surfing the waters with stand up paddle board * is increasing becoming a source of fun and excitements to many. It is also a good source of recreation for many fitness enthusiasts. Thus, many people who have found the game interesting are beginning to consider buying a paddleboard of their own. However, making the right choices about the best stand up paddle board * on the market might be extremely difficult for beginners given the tons of paddle boards out there. In this article, we intend to alleviate the challenges beginners are facing by providing a review of different paddle boards available on the market.

Best stand up paddle board reviews
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Vilano PathFinder Inflatable Stand Up Paddle board reviews *


Vilano PathFinder SUP measures 9-Feet 10-Inch and 5-Inch thick when inflated. You can roll it up into a carry bag for easy transport. The weight is 32 lbs. It works well on a wide range of water. Vilano PathFinder can be inflated up to 15 PSI, which makes you feel you are on a hard board. This SUP board has a wide spaced room for easy movement and better stability for paddling. Vilano is made of PVC material with strong multi-layer drop stitch, which makes it durable. Other features include high-pressure pump, detachable center tracking fin, adjustable aluminum paddle.

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Ten Toes Boards Emporium Weekender Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board reviews *


Ten Toes Board is stable inflatable SUP board suitable for people of all skill levels (recommended weight limit is 250lbs). It was made of military-grade PVC, making it durable. When inflated, it measures 10-Feet x30x6-Inch. It is firm and stable and can be stored in compact package 11×36-Inch for easy transport. Other features include 3PC adjustable and lightweight aluminum paddle, 3 fins, manual pump, and repair kit.

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iRocker Inflatable Paddle Board reviews *

Strong and rigid, iRocker, is similar to a hard board when fully inflated to a maximum of 15 PSI. It has a limited weight of up to 385 Ibs. Made with military grade materials, the iRocker paddleboard is indestructible. It is extremely portable and can be carried around in any backpack. A complete package comes with the following, dual action high pressure hand pump, adjustable aluminum paddle, backpack carry bag, and repair kit.

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Why is it Important to Choose a Good SUP Board?

It is important to have a good paddle board on your first time in order to make judicious use of your hard earn money and save yourself from the frustrations that come with the wrong decision about your board style. That why we have create this paddle board reviews page to help you in your choice. Having the best kit will not only enhance your performance in any given sports, it will also heighten the fun you will derive from such game. Likewise, having a good SUP board will not only increase the fun you are going to get from paddling, it will surely improve your fitness level too.

So, the best stand up paddle board * should be able to give you all the benefits of paddling, as well as strong enough to handle any conditions you might get into. A good stand up paddle board  * should be comfortable for you, provide the right grip and length for you to enjoy your time on the water. Now, let’s look at the different paddle boards, and what make them unique.

Types of Stand Up Paddle Boards 

Your body size, skill levels, where and how you want to use your paddleboard will to a large extent determine the size, style, and the price of the board your are going to buy. The length of a paddle is also important. The most important factor in choosing a paddle is getting the right length. If the paddle is too long, it will tire your arms. When a paddle is too short, it will stress your back as you bend forward to reach the water. Paddle length also depends on the type of paddling you intend to do. For racing, your paddle should be 10-12 in. taller than you, for cruising on flat water; it should be 8-10 in. taller than you and for surfing, the paddle should be 6-8 in. taller than you.

type of Paddle boards SUP - paddle board reviews

Surf Paddle Board

If the purpose for which you are buying a stand up paddle board is to surf the water, then you are going to need a surf specific SUP board. This board is generally shorter with narrower nose and tail. This board maneuvers easily on a wave, but it less stable and slower on flat water. If you are surfing, ensure that the paddle is 6-8 in. taller than you.

All-round Paddle Board

This is a multi-purpose paddle board with a lot of advantages. It is the most suitable board for beginners. It is also good for families who want their kids and friends to share in the fun. The all-round paddle board is also good for fitness enthusiasts who want to go outdoors to enjoy the sun and water or get a little workout.

Touring Paddle Board

The touring board is made for people, who want to speed on flat water, open oceans, or down winding. These boards are typically longer, with ‘vee’ shaped nose that allows for speed. It usually has rounded rails on the front side for increase glide and speed.

Race Paddle Board

The race boards are like touring board. However, these boards are narrower compared to touring boards. The racing board allows for more speed, thus, it is not recommended for beginners.

Inflatable vs. Rigid

Inflatable boards are boards that can easily be folded up into a bag for easy transport. The rigid board, on the other hand, cannot be folded up. The inflatable is the way to go for those who move around often.


Making the right decision about your stand up board saves you money and unnecessary frustration. As a beginner, using this article as a guide will give you the opportunity to make the right choice the first time. Enjoy our paddle board reviews * section.

* FAQ : Paddle board or Paddleboard ?