Paddle board accessories * are important kits you must have if you want to enhance your paddling experience. As the game of paddling becomes more and more popular among fitness enthusiasts and adventurers. So also are manufacturers rolling out new accessories that are making the game more appealing.

Whether you are a beginner or you have been in the game for a while. There are many accessories out there on the market that will give you a memorable paddling experience. Some of the common paddle board accessories are paddleboard paddles, paddle board roof racks, Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs), etc.

However, most people are often faced with the overwhelming experience of making the right choices from the tons of accessories on the market. In order to help you make the right decision, we’ve compiled our list of some the best SUP accessories you can find in the market. Read on to find some of the unique paddle board accessories * we have for you and how you can make an informed decision in making your choice.

Paddle board accessories * list on this page :

Paddleboard racks / car racks.
Paddles for SUP.
Paddleboard storage.
Paddleboard fins.
Pump for inflatable SUP.
Lifejacket for SUP.
Other paddle board accessories *(Waterproof Phone bag / Waterproof speaker,…).

Paddle board racks *

How to choose a paddle board car rack* ?

Did you bought a solid SUP ? You will need a car rack ! Car racks are important accessories that paddlers used to transport their paddle boards from one point to another. However, there are certain things you need to know if you are considering getting a paddle board car rack * to ease the movement of your paddle board. The first important thing to consider when looking out for the proper roof rack for your paddle board * is whether your car has rack bars on its roof. If your car came with a rack bar, then fixing your paddle board to your car will be easy. If your car did not come with a roof rack, then you will have to go for car racks that are designed to be strapped around your car’s roof and then strap around the paddle board * placed on the roof.

Other important factors you need to consider before choosing a car rack for your paddle board (That includes the length of the board with regard to your type of car, distance to the beach, and your home storage condition).

Paddles for SUP

How to choose a paddle for your paddleboard ?

Choosing the right Paddle for your stand up paddle boards is important. If you wish to have an exciting experience while paddling. The most important factor you need to consider when choosing a paddle is the length. If the paddle is too lengthy, your arms may get tired as you hold them up too high. When a paddle is too short, it will strain your back as you bend forward to reach the water. Paddle length greatly depends on the type of paddling you intend to do. It is recommended that your paddle should be about 10-12in. taller than you if you want to race. Then, for those who want to cruise, it should be about 8-10in.taller.

While for people surfing, the paddle should be about 6-8 in. taller. You also need to look at the quality of the paddle too. A good paddle should be made of quality materials such as wood, fiberglass or carbon fiber. Your paddle should be light enough for all day use and strong enough to handle any paddling situation. If you want to enjoy your time out on the water, you must ensure you get a paddle that is comfortable with the right grip. You can invest in adjustable paddle in case you engaged in different type of paddling often. Be sure to know size you need before order.

Tribord brand make a nice video. It’s help you to find the right size. See this video below :

Paddle board storage *

How to choose a bag or cover for your stand up paddle board *?

Since it is important that you protect your investment. It is only natural that you buy a suitable bag or cover to safeguard your paddle board *. The first step you should take is to look for bags specifically designed for transporting and storing SUP boards and paddles. This is important since these bags are typically padded to provide boards extra protection against scratches and dents. The cover also shields your board from the direct rays of the sun. When choosing a paddleboard bag, you should consider the size, weight, and shape of your board. You also need to consider the quality of the materials with which the bag was made. You must also ensure that the bag comes with a shoulder strap and handle for easy carriage. Above, we have selected some articles that should be interested you.

Paddle board fins *

How to choose a fin for your paddleboard ?

There are several types of fins in styles, shapes, and sizes. We want you to know that making the right choice about the suitable fin for your paddle board * largely dependent on your style of paddling and the condition you often ride in. For those who surf the water, a low-profile, lightweight fin, positioned towards the nose of the board will be appropriate. A longer, single fin placed at the center is appropriate for you if you want to race and maintain a straight line with stability. The bottom line is that you should look for the opportunity to try out different types fins in different conditions before finally decides on which one works best for you.

Pump for your inflatable SUP

How to choose a pump for your inflatable paddle board *?

High-pressure inflatable paddle boards are gaining increased popularity among paddlers. This trend makes it important for paddlers to invest in top-quality pumps. Before deciding on which pump you’re going to buy, you must consider the size of your board to determine the pumping time. You also need to figure out what PSI you actually need to inflate your paddle board. So as to ascertain the capacity of the pump you are going to need. The PSI pressure you need largely depends on your size and height. Usually, when you buy an inflatable SUP, the pump is included. If it’s a renewal, you should be already get all information you need.

PFD – Paddle board life jacket *

How to choose a PFD life jacket for your paddleboard ?

Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) are so important to safe paddling that it has been recommended by the U.S. Coast Guard for everyone who wants to go SUPing on the waters of the United States. Rules are differents in Canada. Please read the rules from Transport Canada. Updated Nov. 28th, 2016. However, when buying one, you will need to consider the weight and bulkiness of the PFD for your own convenience. A good PFD should not hinder your movements not place any burden on you while paddling. Therefore, you should look at the weight of the material used in producing PFD and the smartness of the design on you, before buying one. Take your time to do your choice !

Bonus : Paddle board accessories *

How to choose a waterproof speaker or waterproof phone bag for your paddle board ?

Paddling is fun. That’s why we have selected some cool articles for you. In fact, many paddling enthusiasts like to go out on the water with their smartphones and gadgets.(iPhone, iPad, GPS, camera, or other electronic gadgets) That will enhance their adventures. Apart from taking pictures and recording videos, these devices also enable business communications and location coordinates. So, it is important that you come on board with a waterproof bag to protect these devices and keep them dry. When you want to buy a waterproof bag for your gadgets, look for the once with adjustable shoulder strap. It is also important that you buy a waterproof bag that will float if dropped in the water, so you can easily retrieve it.

If you are a paddling enthusiast and you plan to have a wonderful adventure when next you want to go SUPing on the water, it is important that you consider adding some of the above-mentioned accessories, if not all, to your list of to-buy items. This will help you to maximize the excitement and fun you can get from this fun filled sport. Enjoy !

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