New vs. Used Paddleboard: Which One Should I Buy?

If you want to join the stand up paddleboard craze, choosing the right paddle board* is very important. There are many varieties of paddle board * for sale in the market so it can be hard to choose. Before buying a paddle board *, you should consider the following factors:

  • Ability Level – Are you just a beginner or a pro? Your level of ability determines the size and type of board that you would need. If you are a beginner, you need a larger board. For example, racing paddle boards are ideal for beginners because they are steadier than touring or surf paddle boards.
  • Weight and Height – Your weight and height also have an influence on what size of board you should buy. Of course, if you are small and light, you would not need a very large board. For example, if you weigh 240 lbs, you would need a board that is 10 inches long and weighs 17.5 lbs
  • Usage – Will you just use the board for paddle boarding as leisure? Or do you want to use it for other activities like racing or surfing? The type of paddle board * that you buy should be based on how and when you would use it.
  • Style – There are lots of styles to choose from. You can select the color and design or paint the board yourself to make it personalized.

How to choose a Paddle-boardMost paddle boarders are torn between the decision of buying a new paddle board* or a used one.

TIPS : Sometime people don’t know, but you can also find used paddleboard on Amazon too. Sometime is it the case for paddleboard like the Vilano PathFinder (Between 100 and 50$ less than the first price).

If there is used paddleboard in stock, you have a mention in the product description with the “other price” 😉

Like Neverboredinc said in their article : “Do some research to find out what would be a good board for you”

Now, to help you make a choice between the two, here are their pros and cons:

Buying a New Paddleboard


  • Variety – There are more styles and types to choose from. You can easily find one that can fit your needs and design preferences.
  • Availability – You can buy new paddle boards both from online stores and local sports shop. They are readily available in the market. No need to wait or travel far to find a paddle board * that suits you.
  • Durability – Since the paddle board * is new, you can check if it is durable. You can also ask if there is warranty or maintenance service for the product.


  • Price – Obviously, new paddle boards are more expensive than used ones. You can rarely get a discount or cheap price if you want good quality paddle boards.

Buying a Used Paddleboard


  • Price – Used paddle boards are definitely cheaper. You can get boards with good designs and quality for a lower price.


  • Variety – There are a few types or styles to choose from. The choices are limited to what other paddle boarders are selling.
  • Availability – The design or style that you want may not be available at hand. You would have to look for paddle boarders who are willing to put up their boards on sale.
  • Durability – Since the product is used, you cannot be sure if it is still durable. It could have previously undergone repairs for damages.

Stand up paddle boarding is a fast growing sport because it is fun, exciting, and healthy! Buying the right paddle board * can help you learn it easier and faster.

Simply, follow the guide above in choosing your paddle board *. Whether new or used, the important thing is you would choose a paddle board * that fits your needs and preferences.

Watch the video on Youtube.

*FAQ: Paddle board or Paddleboard ?

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