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Are you looking for a new Paddle Board *?

Paddle Board is a kind of equipment which can be used in lake or sport river. Perhaps have you seen people getting fun on paddle boards while you were in vacation. You may also fall in love with this watersport equipment. Choosing the right and appropriate paddle board * can be overwhelming and challenging, because there are many types of paddle boards which are available in the market. However, how to choose the best one ?

There are many factors which should be considered when you want to purchase the best and durable paddle board *, especially if you are a beginner for board or water sports. With this guide, you will be able to buy your paddle board * by yourself, after getting informed on some of these factors.

Types of Paddle Boards to choose

When it comes to the types of paddle boards which can be chosen, there are four types of paddle boards which can be purchased. Each type has its own benefit so it is important to know each of them. You need to decide what purpose you buy the paddleboard for. There are four common types to consider : All around Sups, Touring Sups, Race Sups and Surf Sups. All of them will be presented in more details below. Here are the different SUP you can find :

  • type of Paddle boards SUPAll around Sups

You’re a beginner and you wander which paddle you should get first? The “All around SUP” is THE answer.. This type of paddleboard belongs to the most common shape of SUP. If you are a beginner , you may choose this type of paddle board * because this comes with versatile board under most conditions. When it comes to size, this type of paddle board comes with the longer, wider, and thicker board compared to the others paddleboard. This type of paddleboard usually comes in 29 inches up to 36 inches in width and 10 inches up to 12 inches in length.

  • Touring Sups

Another type of stand up paddle board * which can be chosen is touring sups paddle board . This type of paddle board comes with stable and wide design which is also appropriate enough for the beginners. Besides that, this type of paddle board * is specially designed for the open sea and flat water. In addition, this type of paddle board * is also constructed for great efficiency and glide.

  • Race Sups

Another type of stand up paddleboard which can be chosen is race Sups. This type of paddleboard is especially designed for the flat water competition and open ocean races. Besides that, this type of paddle board comes with less width and extra length in order to make this paddleboard having the faster races and glide efficiency. It’s good for you only if you already have a great level!

  • Surf Sups

The last type of paddleboard is Surf SUPs. This type of paddle boards is oversized, in order to be more maneuverable ,however it is less stable.

Deciding size of Stand-up Paddle board *

After deciding the types of stand up paddle boards that fits for you, you also need to take into consideration the size and the volume of the paddleboard. The thicker, longer, and wider paddleboard you choose, the more volume the board owns. However, based on fact, if you choose more volume in your paddleboard, it means that you will be more stable while surfing on the paddle boards.

If you are a beginner in paddleboard, it is highly recommended to choose a paddleboard which has more volume. It is essential because the paddleboard with more volume will give you extra stability and more weight. When you have already improved your strength, balance, and skills, you may choose the less volume of paddleboard.

When it comes to the capacity of weight, not all manufacturers of boards give the volume information. You need to look for the maximum capacity of weight that is suitable for your weight. If you could not find the paddle boards which can support your body weight, it is going to be difficult in paddling because of riding in lower water.



reasons to practice paddle board

Choosing Inflatable or Solid paddle board *

There are two types of paddle boards which can be chosen based on the constructions. There are inflatable paddle board * and epoxy paddleboard, also known as solid paddle boards. Each of those paddleboard constructions has its own pros and cons.

If you want to choose which one is better for you between solid and inflatable boards, you need to take in consideration your plan of using the paddle boards:  your plan in using the paddle boards, how to store them and transport them. By the way, I would like to divide into three categories regarding to the pros and cons between solid paddleboard and inflatable paddleboard.

From the usage, both solid and inflatable paddle board * can be used for working in all of categories regarding to stand-up paddle boarding. However, when it comes to the performance, the solid paddle boards are superior to the inflatable paddle boards. If you are a beginner, choosing the inflatable boards can be the best choice because this type of board can work under most conditions. Many brands offer you this option : Ten toes, Aqua Marina,…).  If you are a professional paddler and looking for the glide, speed and maneuverability, choosing  solid board can be the ideal option.

When it comes to travel with your SUP ?

When it comes to transportation, the paddle boards with 9+ feet length, it can be difficult for those who have a small car and would like to transport their boards. If you need a paddleboard which can be brought in your small car, you can choose the inflatable paddleboard which can be deflated and rolled up to a sleeping bag size. When it comes to the solid paddleboard, you may get a little cumbersome and you also need to have the large vehicle to transport your paddle board. Overall, when it comes to the transportation, the inflatable boards are effortless when compared to the solid board.

Besides the transportation, let’s take in consideration the storage. When it comes to the storage of two construction boards, it is similar to the transportation. If you have a limited and narrow space, you choose the inflatable paddle board * because you can roll and deflate this type of board regardless the size you have. It can be rolled and stored in the limited spaces. If you have enough space, you can also choose the solid paddleboard.

paddle board on seaLifeJacket of Paddle board *

If you are at the first time in paddleboarding, you need to have the special gear in order to make your body safety while directly contacting in the open sea or flatwater. One of the gears which should be worn is lifejacket. This type of jacket belongs to the important and essential requirement for those who are beginners in the paddle boarding. In the United States, there is regulation which regulate the water sport including paddle boarding should be under the regulation of The United States Coast Guard (USCG). Besides in the United States, the regulation of lifejacket is also implemented in Canada where the water sports including surfing should use the lifejacket. Please read the rules from Transport Canada.

Best paddle boards by price

When it comes to the best paddleboards, there are many products which can be chosen and some of them are presented as follows. We have selected best SUP by price. You can also read our Paddleboards reviews section.

PRICE RANGE: less than $500 CAD:

Vilano PathFinder SUP 10-Feet blue on Amazon – 3.5 stars - review

PRICE RANGE: $500 CAD – $700 CAD:

Lifetime 90213 Freestyle Multi-Sport Paddleboard  on Amazon – 4.5 stars - review

California Board Company 9′ SUP on Amazon – 4 stars - review

California Board Company 10 Foot 6 Inch Paddle  on Amazon – 4.5 stars - review

Ten Toes Board Emporium Weekender Inflatable on Amazon – 4.5 stars - review

PRICE RANGE: $700 CAD – $900 CAD:

iRocker Paddle Boards 10′ (6″ Thick) Inflatable SUP  on Amazon – 

Solstice by International Leisure Products SUP on Amazon – 4.5 stars - review

PRICE RANGE: $900 CAD – $1 100 CAD:

Aqua Marina SPK-2 Inflatable 10′ 10″ SUP on Amazon – 4.5 stars - review

Aqua Marina Monster 12″ 2016 Inflatable on Amazon – 

Inflatable Paddle baord LifeLife on Amazon – 

PRICE RANGE: $1 100 CAD – $1 600 CAD:

Anahola Board Co. – Blue Lotus 6 on Amazon – 

Jilong Inflatable Paddle Board, Z-Ray Pathfinder S-I 300 on Amazon – 4 stars - review

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Others consideration before purchasing a paddleboard

Before you want to buy stand up paddle board *, you should take into consideration to the transportation for travelling your board. Besides transportation, you should also take in consideration about the paddle before you want to purchase the best and durable paddleboard. when it comes to the paddle of SUP, it is like canoe paddle which is lighter and longer. Besides that, it also has the slight bend which is placed near the blade. When it comes to the stand up paddles, this type of paddle comes with a variety of different constructions and they are carbon fiber, wood, aluminum, and plastic. All of the paddle constructions comes with a variety of shaft shapes, blades, and handle. If you want to have the durable paddle, you may choose the paddles which are constructed from carbon fiber.

The common rule regarding to the paddle, it should be 6 up to 10 inches taller when compared to the paddlers. Besides that, you can choose the longer paddle if you are in the flat water. In contrast, you can choose the short paddlers if you want to have a surf. You can also choose the paddles which can be adjusted if you want to use the paddles for two people or more.

Accessories of Paddle board *

Visit our Paddleboard accessories page.

– Fins Setup of Paddleboard

When it comes to fins, they provide stability and tracking to the paddleboard. You need the large fin ! If you want to have flat water paddle boarding. You also require 3 set up of fins when you want to take out your board in the waves. You will have the better control and have more traction with the fins. When it comes to these ones, you can find the one or three fins in the inflatable paddle boards.

– Get your phone and speaker on your SUP

When it comes to the accessories which can be added in the paddle board, there are some accessories which can be chosen. The first accessories which can be chosen is waterproof phone bags. This belongs to the important accessories because it allows you to bring your phones. It can be useful when you are paddle boarding. If you want to take a picture when surfing, this accessory is needed for keeping your phone from the waters. Besides that, you can also add your paddle board with mountable Bluetooth speakers which are waterproof for giving entertaining accessories while surfing on the water.

– Others paddle board accessories

Besides that, you can also get a board bag to store your paddle board *. There are many blemishes and dings which occur outside the waters, especially regarding to the storage and transportation. To solve those problems, you can have the board bag. The board bag will give you more protection regarding your paddle board. Besides that, using the board bag allow you to have an easy trip and of course to extend the life of your paddle board.

Besides that, another accessory of stand up paddle board * which can be used is car rack. You need a particular way in order to transport your paddleboard, even though your paddleboard belongs to inflatable paddle board *. you can strap your paddleboard, including your stand up paddle board with the car rack if you want to transport your board easily. There are a lot of soft racks of soft boards which are fit for your paddle boards. If you have already had the existing system of rack, you can use padding and straps which are used for tieing down your paddle board to the car rack. Besides those accessories, there are the other accessories which can be chosen if you want to have paddle-boarding.

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